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My name is Georgie, and I have found my passion.

I have found what I want to do for the rest of my life. They say, if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. I can confirm that this is definitely the case!

I have always been into fitness and exercise, from a young age, I played team sports and swam at a high level. It was always the enjoyment of what I was doing that was important to me, never the winning. I want my passion to shine through in every aspect of my business. From the early morning virtual Cyclone classes to the individual 121 Personal Training.

Its so important to me that every single client gets the ENERGEE experience. I want to be able to inject my energy and my love for fitness into everything I do!

Here at ENERGEE we are all about the positive vibes! We offer an enjoyable, welcoming workout environment for everyone and anyone, with absolutely no judgments, the only competition is yourself.

We offer classes for all abilities. Our main focus is for you to finish your session feeling on top of the world, feeling better than when you started and feeling GOOD!

Want to feel fitter? Want to feel stronger? Or even just want to feel better about yourself? Any fitness goal or anything you want to achieve, we are here for you. Lets move our bodies with a smile on our faces and enjoy what we got going on!

Check out what our members had to say!

Georgie is a fantastic trainer, and no matter what your fitness level she will be there to encourage you and motivate you all the way.
Her personal training sessions keep your body guessing and you feel as if you could tackle anything after!

Her classes are excellent, and suit any level of fitness, whether you are a regular, just starting back after a break, injury etc, this is something for everyone, and you will be coming back for more!

Paula Rawlinson

Gee is awesome. She motivates the hell out of you with a massive smile on her face whilst pushing you to do that extra set of burpees!

She is welcoming, friendly and caters for every ability from first timers to those wanting to push themselves to the next level.

Her classes are fun, her PT’s are hard core and her Cyclone spin classes leave you not being able to walk the next day 😂🙈

Gee 💯 knows her stuff, if you are thinking about it, then do it. You will love Energee and leave with a great big smile (and probably DOMS a couple of days later 😂🤭)

Anna gadsby

Georgie is a fantastic trainer and motivator. She is full of positivity and always works you hard. Her classes are excellent and I would highly recommend them. I love them and so does my teenage daughter!

Nicola Allen

Gee is an all round legend! She will motivate you, push you and most importantly do it all with a huge smile on her face and plenty of giggles along the way. This girls knows her stuff!!! I’ve been training with Georgie through face to face PT and virtual PT and always feel a million times better afterwards. Thanks Gee you are a superstar ❤️❤️

Anna hope kirham-wearing

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